Indoor / Outdoor Wood Cook Stoves

Building on the legacy of a classic design

At Wicked Woodstoves, we have meticulously recreated the iconic 1911 Glenwood double oven design to bring you a wood fired oven smoker that combines tradition with modern craftsmanship.

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Great for Rustic Kitchen patios, outdoor pergola, pavions, work shops, cabins, historical homes, and whatever else you can imagine.

Whether you’re a master chef or just enjoy cooking outdoors, our custom Montana made outdoor kitcheners are the perfect addition to covered outdoor areas and workshops.

With current regulations and hot summer temperatures, the kitchen is no longer the place to have a wood fire cooker.

Experience the perfect smoked flavor every time

The Model 14 & 22 smoker system removes most of the particles in the smoke, ensuring that you get the best flavor with every bite. Elevate your outdoor cooking experience and enjoy delicious, perfectly smoked food every time.

Our custom-built wood fired oven smokers, inspired by the iconic Glenwood double oven design, bring a touch of nostalgia and reliability to your outdoor cooking experience.

Get more Cooking inspiration

Check out our YouTube channel for recipes, tips and tricks to get the best performance from your wood fired cooker.